RE: Tech support 230

Larry Masinter (
Thu, 27 May 1999 10:05:00 PDT

> {sigh} We get a lot of lame reports in the Apache bug database.
> One of the more common is, 'Why have you installed *your* software
> on *my* Web site/my PC? I'm gonna sue, you meanies!' A lot of people
> have the slightly better sense to send these plaints to one of
> our email addresses ('I went to see Russian girls and I get
> Apache. I want my Russian girls!'), but the bugdb is slowly
> accumulating these Clewless George reports like cholesterol.

Conspiracy theorists would posit a denial of service attack against
open source.

The knowledge management theorists believe that all tips must
be validated before being accepted into the database; you should
track the prior-bug-report-validity rating of submitters and
give acknowledgement not only to the bug-report submitter but
also the bug-report vetter.