Re: They didn't put the "." in dot com!

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 26 May 1999 08:03:02 -0700

I'm not *that* old at 31, but I can remember having a UCI
email address in 1985 that included the routing information.
Who'd of thunk it'd be relevant to a FoRK discussion. I do
believe that they are called UUCP style addressing and
Domain style addressing.


UUCP-style addressing
Remote recipients are specified by prefixing
the recipient name with the remote system
name and an exclamation point, such as
sysa!user. If csh(1) is the default shell,
sysa\!user should be used. A series of sys-
tem names separated by exclamation points can
be used to direct a letter through an
extended network (such as sysa!sysb!sysc!user
or sysa\!sysb\!sysc\!user ).

Domain-style addressing
Remote recipients are specified by appending
an ` @' and domain (and possibly sub-domain)
information to the recipient name (such as (The local system adminis-
trator should be consulted for details on
which addressing conventions are available on
the local system.)