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Symbol also makes 802.11 VOIP phones and sells them in their verticals.

NetVision® Phone

Symbol Technologies' NetVision Phone adds voice communication to
Spectrum24® wireless LAN installations to allow simultaneous voice and
data support on the same wireless backbone.

The NetVision Phone system provides on-site wireless voice communication
capability, and allows for integration into an existing phone system
(via a gateway) for internal and external voice communication.

Employing Voice-Over-IP technology, based on the ITU standard H.323, the
NetVision Phone converts analog voice into compressed digital packets
that are sent via TCP/IP protocol over standard data networks.


Rohit Khare wrote:
> 802.11 wireless voice-over-IP handsets:
> >The NetLink Wireless Telephone System (NetLink WTS) combines
> >Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and wireless LAN technologies, allowing mobile
> >workers to make and receive telephone calls over a shared wireless
> >infrastructure.
> 900Mhz TDMA cells:
> >What makes Mobicel unique is its DCTS-900 Business Wireless
> >Communications System. The DCTS-900 acts like an in-building
> >cellular system with up to seven digital micro-cells, connecting
> >handsets on the premises. It needs no control box.
> >The compact digital (TDMA) wireless handsets communicate with each
> >other via DCUs (Digital Cell Units). The DCTS-900 system operates in
> >the unlicensed 900MHz ISM band. Each handset has a 3x10 display,
> >side-mounted volume and mute controls and headset jack. Handset talk
> >time is over 10 hours and standby time exceeds seven days. No other
> >wireless telephone comes close, that I know of.
> dual mode cellular-PCS and cordless phones:
> >Wireless Telephones
> >Operating at 800 Megahertz (MHz) in both digital and analog cellular
> >modes, as well as in digital PCS in the 1.9 Gigahertz (GHz) band
> >being used in new PCS networks, the versatile Philips Digital
> >Cellular/PCS Telephone 6735 also offers exceptional ease of use.
> >Features include Caller ID, Call Waiting, voice mail notification
> >and short message service, displayed on the highly legible,
> >four-line display. Available in the United States in the fourth
> >quarter of 1997.

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