Re: [Geege] It takes one nanosecond to sell stock, btfw.

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Sun, 09 May 1999 11:33:53 -0700

There's another theory that after the 1987 crash that the US
federal government put into place economic controls that would
never allow these types of crashes. The theory goes that the
feds essentially insure the market through artificial price controls.
They've been cooking the economic numbers for years anyways.

Saying that the unreality of the markets is based on technolust
is absurd. It's just an effect, not the cause.


I Find Karma wrote:
> Geege wrote:
> > Oh yawn. Like I haven't read this "news" every day for years.
> Geege, you're ahead of the crowd in the running of the bulls. I'm not.
> Besides, I never said it was news. But when something's threatening the
> fabric of the worldwide economy, it might be worth archiving a rundown
> of what current thinking was. Wouldn't you love to have had "mailing
> list" archives written by people in September and October of 1929, just
> to see what conventional thinking was back then? As it is right now,
> all we can go by are the Benjamin Graham books and the New York Times
> archives.