Re: [Geege] It takes one nanosecond to sell stock, btfw.
Sun, 9 May 1999 17:09:26 EDT

What kind of elitist bs is this?

<< At 11:33 AM -0700 5/9/99, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
>There's another theory that after the 1987 crash that the US
>federal government put into place economic controls that would
>never allow these types of crashes. The theory goes that the
>feds essentially insure the market through artificial price controls.
>They've been cooking the economic numbers for years anyways.
>Saying that the unreality of the markets is based on technolust
>is absurd. It's just an effect, not the cause.

In a message dated 5/9/99 3:06:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time, must be trippin when he responds to Gregory Alan Bolcer:

Ok, I'm going to speak up on this. The market is now entered McDonalds
land. The economists don't want to admit their little private playground is
now over run with Joe 6 pack and his Best Buy's PC. What does Joe know
about investing? Squat. What does Joe see when he uses his PC? Amazon,
Yahoo, and others. What does Joe buy?

It's as simple as that. Unless something big happens that causes a panic
that market is going to continue to grow. I said it at 7K and I'll say it
now. The only possible reason fore a reversal is if a Republican gets
elected in 2K. They will within a year trash the economy into a recession
to 1) blame the false economy on the Dems, 2) create job security for their
re-election in 4 years.


I got two turntables and a G3 PowerBook.

<> <> >>

"Joe 6-Pack"? Sorry if his pedestrian stock tastes offend you, but the
average "Joe" who trades online accesses the plethora of investment analyses
and advice to invest with aplomb, gusto and INTELLIGENCE. Joe has Silicon
Investor, CMGNet, IDGNet, the Intelligencer, Raging Bull. There's Business
Week, Fortune, and Wall St. Journal interactives. We have Edgar.

A lot of the bad press and mischaracterizations of Joe (and Josephine) 6-pack
are probably engendered by BROKERS and ANALYSTS who finally find themselves
and their rank profession demystified and de-deified. "Sure Joe's making
lots of money, but he doesn't have a clue!"

Two of my best friends, both stock optioned out the wazoo and both earning 6
figures (one as a chip engineer and the other as a marketing exec) just
recently dumped their brokers in favor of do-it-yourself trades. Both are
busy (18+ hour-a-day-jobs) but they've got this investment thing down to a
science. They both call me. :)

I'm not going to discuss politics with one such as you, one who must believe
(given your statement that a Republican might "trash the economy") that
somehow a Demoncrat is responsible for this lush economy we enjoy now.
Everyone knows it's Alan Greenspan, who was first appointed by a Republican,
who gets credit. He has a deft (light) touch; he doesn't meddle.