Sun keeps Java proprietary...

Jim Whitehead (
Fri, 30 Apr 1999 16:39:47 -0700

In "Sun U-Turns on Open Java Plan",

it is revealed that Sun has decided not to bring Java to ISO for

According to the article,

Sun has quibbled with the ISO throughout the application process, arguing
that Sun should retain control of the technology, making changes as it sees
fit. Normally, the ISO refuses to grant such authority to a single company.

So, Sun would like an open standard where they retail change control. What
is so open about this? In the newly emerging tradition of open source, it
seems to mean that Sun wanted to gain the imprimatur of being "open" and
benefit from free thoughtful technical review, all without giving up

I wonder how long it will take the developer community to realize that Java
is Yet Another Proprietary Platform for Computing(TM).

- Jim