Have fun whacking it... with a big stick

Rohit Khare (rohit@uci.edu)
Fri, 30 Apr 1999 16:22:53 -0700

=46rom LA Weekly: http://www.provactivepinatas.com. Personally, the ice=20
mold is a new one for me... RK


The Penis Pinata: perfect for any adult party, bachelorette party,=20
shower, pre-wedding party, anniversary party, or divorce party. The=20
only limit is your imagination. Hang up a Provocative Pinata and take=20
turns whacking your Penis Pinata with a big stick. Provocative=20
Pinatas are packed with an asortment of adult novelties, candy and=20
surprises that fly all over the place when you score the winning blow.

So if you're looking for something unusual or different to do at your=20
next adults only party, a Provocative Pinata is the answer.

The titillating Erotic Pi=F1atas can be ordered either filled or=20
unfilled. Here's what comes in the pre-filled pi=F1atas: 6 ft. Leather=20
Bull Whip, Mr. Penis Ice Mold, Pecker Beer Top, While You Were Out=20
Provocative message pads, X-Rated Fortune Cookies, Softee Penis=20
Vibrator, Sexy Male Clips, Penis Nose and Glasses, Dirty Dice, Real=20
Hand Cuffs, Condom Pop, Life Saver Color Condoms, Penis Lipstick,=20
Penis Pacifier, Penis Pen, Penis Sucker, Ginseng Gum, Provocative Key=20
Chain, Don't Gamble Key Chain, Assorted Candy, Water Based Lubricant,=20
Motion Lotion and Body Butter (contents may vary).