Re: Home Automation..

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Fri, 30 Apr 1999 10:19:58 -0700

Ian Andrew Bell wrote:

> I loaded this page, but Netscape didn't properly execute the JAVA applet
> and instead loaded a 289K file that left a big white gap in the web
> page.
You didn't wait for it to load the whole way maybe?
Did you load it using a modem? You aren't telling me that
somebody who works for Cisco doesn't have and OC line in their house?

> Windows98 running on my 128MB RAM PII/266 slowed to a crawl,
Byars can help you with that upgrade. Pansy ass Intel machine. 8-)

> So now that I've reloaded the page (still doesn't work) and am writing
> this email, the window containing the page throws itself into the
> forground every time I hit the [enter] key.
Ewwww, you must be running a flavor of Windows.

> (That's annoying).j
I agree completely.