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Ian Andrew Bell (ibell@cisco.com)
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 16:19:23 -0700

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Thanks Greg;

I went to the URL below. This quote is from their Web Page:

"This applet is a demonstration of the emWare Java objects as
they might be used in a real-world application. A home
automation system was chosen since it represents a variety of
applications in which emWare technology would be useful. A home
automation program also provides many opportunities to show how
the Java objects can be used in different ways. The purpose
of this applet, therefore, is to demonstrate the wide
applicability and flexibility of the emWare Java objects."

I loaded this page, but Netscape didn't properly execute the JAVA applet
and instead loaded a 289K file that left a big white gap in the web
page. Windows98 running on my 128MB RAM PII/266 slowed to a crawl, and
as I tried to close the window with the orphaned applet and open another
one, Netscape completely packed it in and died. I had to reboot my
Thinkpad just to make sure there weren't too many gremlins running
around in memory.

So now that I've reloaded the page (still doesn't work) and am writing
this email, the window containing the page throws itself into the
forground every time I hit the [enter] key.

(That's annoying).

So, to expand on your comments? Yep... that's pretty much how I figure
my house will work in the future -- if JAVA has anything to do with it.


Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> BTW, I can see it now, hackers can now break into
> your stereo system from anywhere in the world and make
> your sprinklers cha-cha-cha at inopportune times.
> Neat Java interface for their demo.
> Greg
> http://www.emware.com/homeautodemo.html
> http://www.emstore.com/emobjects.master.html
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