World War Predictions

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I think the following types of articles are okay to publish here - no
matter how tabloidy it sounds. This came from Reuters, really.


Monday April 26 10:49 AM ET

World War Three Set To Start In July - Nostradamus
By Jeremy Lovell

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - World War Three will start in July in the Balkans,
last seven months and end in victory for the U.S.-led North Atlantic
Treaty Organization, according to a new analysis of 16th century French
seer Nostradamus.

``He is clear it will start before the end of the century during the
period of Cancer which is between June 22 and July 23, and in a triangle
bordered by Greece, Italy and Turkey, which is the Balkans,'' University
of Stellenbosch Professor of Political Science Willie Breytenbach told
Reuters Monday.

``I have to emphasize I am a skeptic. I am an academic who was bored on a
Sunday. But what I found was so chilling that I put pen to paper,'' he

NATO allies have been bombing targets in Serbia for more than a month in a
so-far abortive effort to force Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic to
stop expelling the ethnic Albanian majority in the Serbian province of

The air campaign has triggered angry responses from Russia, caused a
biblical exodus of refugees from Kosovo and forced the allies to
contemplate sending in ground forces.

Breytenbach said he found references to the conflict in 18 of the 950
quatrains written by Michel de Notre Dame in 1555 which have been found to
refer to the fire of London, Louis Pasteur and Adolf Hitler among others.

``In one quatrain he mentions the Slav people. He also mentions war in the
mountains which, taken with what we know and the talk of land forces, all
gelled,'' he added.

One of the quatrains also mentions a ``tyrant'' whose name begins with
``M,'' which could refer to Milosevic.

Another notes that the Serbs will ``change their prince,'' which
Breytenbach took to be a reference to the possible overthrow of the Serb

In another verse there is a reference to three years and seven months of
peace before the war.

``I suddenly noticed that the Dayton peace accord was signed on November
21, 1995. Adding three years and seven months to that brings us to the end
of June 1999,'' Breytenbach said.

The Dayton peace accord, to which Milosevic was a signatory, finally ended
the conflict in Bosnia.

Breytenbach said Nostradamus made several references to the fact that
Greece would be involved in the conflict and that there would be bloodshed
in Turkey. There is also mention of the involvement of Italy.

There are references to the Alus, which Breytenbach took to refer to the
NATO allies in which the United States is the dominant force, and the
Mabus which he said could refer to Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia
and Serbia.

``He, Nostradamus, is quite clear the war will last seven months and the
ultimate victor will have been born on American soil,'' Breytenbach said.