Re: Secretaries get rich in the Internet age

Dave Long (
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 21:20:05 -0700

> Roy and I don't find this very funny at all. =

> - Jim

Don't graduate students agree with Mill in preferring to be Socrates[1] =


Getty's advice[2]:
"Rise early, work hard, strike oil."

the prolific anon.:
"A great fortune depends on luck, a small one on diligence"[3]


[1] Should So-crates have been satisfied with an ethics based on the =

injunctions to "party on" and "be excellent to each other"? The latter =

clearly requires aret=E9, and a case can be made for the former.

[2] J. Paul-, the oilman, not -(8), the daemon.

[3] corroborated by mean-variance portfolio analysis.