Thu, 22 Apr 1999 18:18:54 EDT

you should write something about how politicians and journalists are lining
up to blame the INTERNET for Tuesdays shooting. carries this story:
(Source: PC World Online) A day after two Colorado teenagers went on a
deadly shooting rampage, it was business as usual for gun merchants in
cyberspace who were selling everything from semiautomatic pistols to
AK-47 rifles to unseen people known only through e-mail.

while Senator Diane Feinstein takes this golden opportunity to explain how
often her proposals to police content on the internet are continually tabled
while our fearless leader Bill "So I Lied" Clinton promises to push through
stricter gun control legislation.

Are any of these people asking:
1) Did the Columbine HS shooters buy their weapons over the internet?
2) Are the bomb "recipes" such as those used by the suspects available ONLY
through the internet?
3) Which proposed laws re handguns/automatic or semiautomatic weapons, had
they been in effect, would have changed the outcome on the Columbine campus?

It sickens me that politicians and special interest groups exploit this
tragedy for their own agendae.


PS I forgot to mention that Greta von Suskrind (CNN's Burden of Proof)
suggested AOL was to blame for allowing an internet site to somehow further
or expedite - in a third-party fashion - a crime.