Re: Apple jobs to Open Source dweebs

Tom Whore (
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 15:08:43 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 22 Apr 1999, Tim Byars wrote:

--]another no talent Biggie Smalls. I hear Puff Daddy hasn't been the same

I knew you were weak, but this weak?? Its sad once again to see
the chimchimchumpboy sink so low in the bag of tricks to pull up
weight gags so early in the match. A true sign of a fading
light...Poor chimmmy

And tehn you go on about some third rate POP stars? man your tatste in
music is as bad as your style and lock of class inthe wordring. You have
shown zero , zilch, nada, quantity or quality of either . You were amusing
when you at least had some thin layer of psuedoflash hyped around ya, but
now with the inclusion of two such rancid artist from the very rancide
town of your living you have dropped all layers of glimmering
hope..however thin they were to begin with.

Now as to my fat ass..Aint it great how i can thump my bulky mass against
your skinny little frame...Boom bOooom. You gota be hurting against my
massive preponderness of being. I can see your face twisted in pain as the
phat at flavors come crashing around your puny little peabrain. Chim chim
go owie:(--

--]geo political inter gender tag team and come get me. You know where
--]I'll be waiting.

Chimychim, clean out your ears. I called you out and now your scurrying
away with your tail between your skrawny legs. Ha...As if you could ever
be out of my reach little chim chim boy. Oh you can try to bravado a
retreat and aybe pry yourself out from under my massive full on body
slams, but your falterin fast and flatter for the wear.

I know where you are waiting, under my moutain of flesh and my mega
poundage of words, caught crying like a little chim chim girl booohooing
and all weepy like.

He folks, i think its time to put a fork in tim and turn him over...hes