Oracle sees the Internet Light

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 10:54:23 -0700

Wow. Oracle just figured out that people feel
safter storing their business information in a
database. Sheesh!


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Oracle sees the Internet light

By Peter D. Henig
Red Herring Online
April 15, 1999

Oracle is now widely
promoting the fact that
10 out of the top 10
consumer Web sites and
9 out of the top 10
business e-commerce
sites are powered by the
company's databases.
This unifying message
is intended as much to
rally customers as to
inspire investors. But
it's a message that the
database company, normally brimming
with hubris, admits that it stumbled upon
by accident.

We did our market research of the top
Internet sites and discovered that our
technology underpinned all of them except
for IBM," says Mr. Burton. He sounds as
surprised as anyone at having found such a
public relations gold mine.

"The big money is going to be in
business-to-business transactions," says
Mr. Burton. It's a space familiar to Oracle
and one for which it is targeting Fortune
1,000 companies. To stay competitive,
bricks-and-mortar businesses will have to
migrate their front office, back office,
human resources, finance, and entire
supply-chain management systems onto
the Web and their private networks.