Apple to release NextStep Y2K patches

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 01:59:48 -0700

[They don't say anything explicitly about HP or black hardware. They
actually require you to *call* -- no email registration.
I'm currently working on migrating xent to Sendmail 8.9.3 1) because
the current, NeXT-standard mailer is a security black hole and 2) I'm
finally getting sick of taking shit for running an open relay, and
you have to move to 8.8+ to get anti-spam features. Sigh... but there
was a great find: precompiled binaries and help at --RK]

NEXTSTEP 3.3 No upgrade required
Register for NEXTSTEP 3.3 Patch. Apply patch when notified by e-mail
of its availability.

To obtain upgrades and patches, please refer to the following table
(use these numbers to register for product upgrades on or after April
16, 1999):
North America
Telephone fulfillment
(6 am-6 pm PST, Monday through Friday)
Fax fulfillment 510-683-4014*

From Apple's 10-K statement:

"Certain products acquired from NeXT Software, Inc., including
OpenStep and NextStep, are not currently Y2K compliant. The Company
intends to develop and make available during the third quarter of
fiscal 1999 a software patch intended to allow such products to
become Y2K compliant. "