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Which reminds me:

Microsoft asks German Linux site to remove slogan
By Mary Lisbeth D'Amico

Munich (April 13, 1999) -- A German Web site which provides information about
the Linux operating system has been asked by Microsoft Corp. to remove a
slogan from the site which was strikingly similar to one already used by the
Redmond, Washington-based software giant.

Microsoft recently asked the authors of the Web site, called, to
remove the slogan, "where do you want to go tomorrow?", according to a
statement posted this week on the Web site.

Microsoft officials in Germany could not be immediately reached for comment.
Microsoft has advertised some of its products using the slogan "Where do you
want to go today?"

Until the legal situation is cleared up, the Web site's authors said, the
slogan has been withdrawn.

"What the legal position is due to this similarity is not yet quite clear. To
be continued?" said the statement posted at

To make up for the missing jingle, is also sponsoring a contest
among its members to see who can come up with a winning replacement. The Web
site's authors won't reveal the prize, but it looks like the lucky winner
will get his or her own life-size Linux mascot: "it's really large, cuddly
and definitely does not fit in your CD-ROM drive," the statement said.

The Linux Web site can be reached at Microsoft GmbH, in
Munich, can be reached at 49-89-3176-0 or at