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Sally Khudairi (
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 16:35:12 -0400


A million congratulations; Opera have been staunch supporters of CSS for
as long as I remember at the onset of my career at W3C. Heck, they were
the ones who opened my eyes to the viability of CSS in *other* browsers!
Great job :-)

For the record, I'm also interested in keeping my client base
international, so if you ever feel like working together again, I'm game.

Best of luck,

H=E5kon Wium Lie wrote:

> W3C's H=E5kon Wium Lie joins Opera Software as Chief Technology Officer
> Oslo, Norway, April 13 1999, Opera Software today announced that H=E5ko=
> Wium Lie has joined Opera as Chief Technology Officer. Lie comes to
> Opera from the World Wide Web Consortium where he has been the Style
> Sheets Activity Lead. He will continue his involvement in the W3C as a
> member representative for Opera.
> "Opera is committed to open Web standards. Until now, we have
> demonstrated this commitment by carefully reviewing and implementing
> W3C specifications. In the future we want to actively participate in
> W3C, and H=E5kon Wium Lie's background makes him the ideal liaison",
> said Opera's CEO, Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner.
> "It's important for the Web and W3C that there is more than one
> browser. If a single vendor controls the browser market, it also
> controls which W3C Recommendations -- if any -- will be used on the
> Web. Opera is a serious competitor to the big browsers today, and I
> want to make it an even better product tomorrow", says Lie. "By being
> smaller, faster, and offering better support for standards than the
> competitors, Opera has shown that the browser war isn't over."
> H=E5kon Wium Lie will be Chief Technology Officer at Opera Software in
> Oslo, Norway. Before joining Opera in April 1999, he was W3C's
> Activity Lead for style sheets. Lie's work on style sheets and go back
> to 1994, when he first proposed Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for the
> Web. Lie is the co-author, along with Bert Bos, of the W3C CSS1
> Recommendation, and a co-editor of the CSS2 Recommendation.
> Opera Software AS is a privately held software developer and producer,
> based in Oslo, Norway. Its Internet browser - Opera - has since the
> launch in June 1996, received international recognition from users and
> the industry press for its speed, small footprint, low resource
> requirements and flexibility. Opera is an HTML browser (client) for
> use on the Internet, within corporate Intranets and Extranets. Opera
> can be tailored to suit Internet / Intranet, Service Providers (ISP),
> OEMs, cable vendors, traditional Tele-communication providers and
> satellite communication companies.
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