ISP and wondering

Tom Whore (
Thu, 8 Apr 1999 02:29:26 -0700 (PDT)

Well it had to happen sooner or latter. It still hasnt come down in full
effect yet..but

My isp has informed me that my usage of bandwidth migh quilfy me to be
billed in a whole other class of user. Im not sure how many of you are on
ISP plans that are help to the "as long as you dont run a server" rule or
a bwf limit..but this my be an excersise in what you may have to come up

They havent done the math yet, but ive scratched it out on paper (numbers

16 gig a month (avg for the traffic ive done since 1/19 4/8)
533 meg a day
22 meg an hour
370 k a min
6 k a sec

Thing is , on the dsl plan im on I get 1.5 gig a month and each gig being
10$ extra. This would mean about 130 bucks a month extra just for

Now, things I could do.

== Drop the rate down to 8kbs from 24 kbs. This would drop my shoutcasting
from 16 gig to about 5.3. Fro some of the OTR im playing that wouldnt
be so bad, but fro most of it, yeeek. It would be real audio crud all
over again.

== Broadcast limited hours. I could do the overnight hours, which might
cut me down to half, maybe.. Or i could put on one 24 hout broadcast
once a week..24 hours with all 9 slots casting at 24kbs would be
2.3 additonal 10$ a month in usage

Fridays and Wensdays are the bigest hitting days for me.

== Find folks to relay. this causes the fun of the lstners spilling out
unable to find the stream..unless the forwarding idea gets melded in.

Im aiming to come up with some course of action by friday. What you folks