ID Egos and the God that smooshed em

Tom Whore (
Wed, 7 Apr 1999 13:32:05 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 7 Apr 1999, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
--]What ever happened to Romero's company Ion Storm
--]that was supposed to be releasing Daikatana?
--]Talk about infants and hot stoves. They've had over 18 months
--]of hype.

IOts called the big bleed off. First Romero packs his ego into the new
sportscar of the montha nd makes his own company. Work goes on, the people
he has working for him see opertunities aleswhere...

Ya see once it was all about the good ship ID and its ruling the seas
uncontested. They had the edge, the shiz, they were much like apple in the
early 80s..Then the seas got corwded. You couldnt make it on the "hey you
loved us for doom, so youll love us forXXXX". Customers now demand apps,
show me dont tell me is the watch word on the lips of all the PCGamer Cd
buying BigPhatFile Downloading mofos.

ROmero started slipping on the dates for Dakanatia. Then a whole slew of
his best talent broke off and formed GOD, the Uber Games Dev consortium.
This happend to the UNreal team some years back. Unreals relase date of
1998 was nearly 2 years off the target. Two years is a life time .

So Romero now has all the parts to make a great game that would have sold
well a year ago, notr enough ready talent to make it a finished product
that will wow them today..and the lattest news is hes running out of cash.

Who knows, maybe he will be able to fall back on the roots that made him
great to begin with, maybe he will be able to forge alliences and get the
games out the door, maybe not allg reat companies need fade on slouds of
hype,buzzwords, user base fanaticsm and in the end falling aged tech
(cough apple cough cough).

One can hope
two can do
three for the money
and four to play.

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