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KUCI TOP 30:4-5-99*

1. Trans Am- Futureworld (Thrill Jockey)
2. The Make-Up- I Want Some (K)
3. Source Direct- Exorcise the Demons (Astralwerks)
4. DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo- Ki-Oku (Instinct)
5. Ditch Bank Oakies- Honk If You're Elvis (Road Apple)
6. Steve Reich- Reich Remixed (Nonesuch)
7. Aphex Twin- Window Licker (Warp)
8. The Go-Betweens- The Lost Album (Jetset)
9. Gameface- Every Last Time (Revelation)
10. The Boom- Any Day of the Night (Slowdime)
11. The Ladybug Transistor- Albemarle Sound (Merge)
12. V/A- The Music Of Vietnam (Rounder)
13. The Lassie Foundation- Pacifico (Shogun)
14. Funk Porcini- The Ultimately Empty Million Pounds (Ninja Tune)
15. The Olivia Tremor Control- Black Foliage Vol. 1 (Flydaddy)
16. Empress- S/T (555)
17. Jim O'Rourke- Eureka (Drag City)
18. Versus- The Afterglow (Merge)
19. Cornelius- Remixed (Matador)
20. Low- Secret Name (Kranky)
21. V/A- Ethiopiques 3- Ethiopiques 3 (Buda Music)
22. Badmarsh and Shri- Air I Breath (Tommy Boy)
23. The Dylan Group- More Adventures In Lying Down (Bubble Core)
24. Sleater Kinney- Hot Rock (Kill Rock Stars)
25. V/A- Music of Tibeten Buddhism (Rounder)
26. Huon- Epic (555)
27. Attrition- The Jeopardy Maze (Projekt)
28. Amorphis- Tuonela (Relapse)
29. Looper- Up A Tree (SubPop)
30. John Sims- Palomino (Bedazzled)


Mogwai- Come On Die Young (Matador)
Tom Waits- Mule Variations (Epitaph)
V/A- Drinking From Puddles (Kill Rock Stars)
Euphone- The Calendar (Jade Tree)
Marmoset- Today, It's You (Secretly Canadian)
Super Furry Animals- Radiator (Flydaddy)
The Lilys- The 3 Way (Sire)
We Ragazzi- Suicide Sound Machine (My Pal God)
Jad Fair and Jason Willette- Enjoyable Songs (Alternative Tenticles)
Wolfie- Where's Wolfie (Parasol)
Duraluxe- Dolorosa (Meddle)
Tiklah- Polydemic (Razorfish)
The Microphones- Tests (Elsinor)
Tales From The Birdbath- Baron Von Birdbath (Empty)
V/A- Pervirella Soundtrack (Dionysus)

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