Re: Sun, Inprise "Jointly" Produce Linux JDK 1.2.2 RC1

Jeff Bone (
Wed, 08 Dec 1999 23:37:31 -0600

...or, put differently: Sun proves yet again that even though the clue train
seems to stop there repeatedly, nobody there seems to be able to catch it. ;-)


Stephen Wynne wrote:

> And with the release comes not a word about four long years of
> sometimes intense personal sacrifice by Blackdown Java developers, who
> have had Sun JVMs running on Linux since version 1.0 with minimal help
> from the company. (See for details). The
> Inprise version even includes wrapper shell scripts with username/date
> stamps from Blackdown's CVS repository intact for everyone to see.
> It comes as no surprise that the team is unhappy. Today, one of the
> top Blackdown developers resigned, further disheartening the group.
> For details on how the JVMs are stacking up on PCs, including the
> Blackdown and Inprise versions on Linux, see
> Steve
> >From
> SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. -- December 7, 1999 -- Inprise Corporation
> (Nasdaq: INPR) today announced that it has jointly produced a Linux
> version of the Java(tm) 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE), with Sun
> Microsystems. The agreement enables programmers to develop and run
> applications based on the Java 2 platform and deploy them on Linux
> workstations and servers, as well as simplify moving existing Java
> applications to the Linux operating system (OS).
> "This announcement is a natural progression in our relationship with
> Sun, and illustrates Inprise's ongoing commitment to provide
> world-class technology for the Linux operating system and the Java 2
> platform," said Dale Fuller, interim president and CEO of Inprise
> Corporation. "Inprise and Sun Microsystems have taken a big step
> toward maintaining open, standards-based network computing
> architectures that utilize technologies like the Linux OS and the Java
> 2 platform. This enables Linux users to take advantage of the many
> diverse Java based applications that exist in the network economy."
> Earlier this year Inprise announced a free download of the beta
> JBuilder Just-In-Time compiler (JIT) for Linux. Now, Sun is licensing
> the JIT from Inprise to complete the Java 2 Software Development Kit
> (SDK), necessary for running high-performance Java applications on the
> Linux OS.
> "Inprise was one of the only companies to have the unique performance
> technology on Linux that helped us to bring the Java 2 platform to the
> Linux operating system. Together, we executed on developers' requests
> to marry the Linux open source operating system with a world-class
> development environment - the Java 2 platform," said Jon Kannegaard,
> vice president and general manager, Java Platform, Software Products
> and Platforms, Sun Microsystems. "This announcement underscores that
> fact that Linux's momentum has grown to a point where the industry
> recognizes it as a viable operating system."
> The first release of the Linux port of the Java 2 platform developed
> by Sun and Inprise is available immediately at
> and will
> be included in Inprise's award-winning integrated development
> environment, JBuilder. Sun and Inprise plan to ship the final version
> of the Linux port in early 2000.
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> Internet-enabling software and services that reduce the complexity of
> application development for corporations and individual programmers.
> Inprise delivers integrated, scalable and secure solutions
> distinguished for their ease of use, performance and productivity.
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