Sun, Inprise "Jointly" Produce Linux JDK 1.2.2 RC1

Stephen Wynne (
Wed, 08 Dec 1999 20:20:58 -0500

And with the release comes not a word about four long years of
sometimes intense personal sacrifice by Blackdown Java developers, who
have had Sun JVMs running on Linux since version 1.0 with minimal help
from the company. (See for details). The
Inprise version even includes wrapper shell scripts with username/date
stamps from Blackdown's CVS repository intact for everyone to see.

It comes as no surprise that the team is unhappy. Today, one of the
top Blackdown developers resigned, further disheartening the group.

For details on how the JVMs are stacking up on PCs, including the
Blackdown and Inprise versions on Linux, see



SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. -- December 7, 1999 -- Inprise Corporation
(Nasdaq: INPR) today announced that it has jointly produced a Linux
version of the Java(tm) 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE), with Sun
Microsystems. The agreement enables programmers to develop and run
applications based on the Java 2 platform and deploy them on Linux
workstations and servers, as well as simplify moving existing Java
applications to the Linux operating system (OS).

"This announcement is a natural progression in our relationship with
Sun, and illustrates Inprise's ongoing commitment to provide
world-class technology for the Linux operating system and the Java 2
platform," said Dale Fuller, interim president and CEO of Inprise
Corporation. "Inprise and Sun Microsystems have taken a big step
toward maintaining open, standards-based network computing
architectures that utilize technologies like the Linux OS and the Java
2 platform. This enables Linux users to take advantage of the many
diverse Java based applications that exist in the network economy."

Earlier this year Inprise announced a free download of the beta
JBuilder Just-In-Time compiler (JIT) for Linux. Now, Sun is licensing
the JIT from Inprise to complete the Java 2 Software Development Kit
(SDK), necessary for running high-performance Java applications on the
Linux OS.

"Inprise was one of the only companies to have the unique performance
technology on Linux that helped us to bring the Java 2 platform to the
Linux operating system. Together, we executed on developers' requests
to marry the Linux open source operating system with a world-class
development environment - the Java 2 platform," said Jon Kannegaard,
vice president and general manager, Java Platform, Software Products
and Platforms, Sun Microsystems. "This announcement underscores that
fact that Linux's momentum has grown to a point where the industry
recognizes it as a viable operating system."

The first release of the Linux port of the Java 2 platform developed
by Sun and Inprise is available immediately at and will
be included in Inprise's award-winning integrated development
environment, JBuilder. Sun and Inprise plan to ship the final version
of the Linux port in early 2000.

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