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4K Associates are active in the academic and standards communities. 4K'ers also present tutorials and papers on current standards at a range of major conferences.

Protocol Design

Rohit Khare's Seventh Heaven is a column on on application-layer message transfer protocols for IEEE Internet Computing. The latest installments are about Telnet,FTP,SMTP, a memorial to Jon Postel (and NNTP), Gopher & HTTP, the recent APPLCORE protocol unification initiative, the not-invented here risks of the Wireless Application Protocol suite, and a two part series on Internet-Scale Namespaces: Anatomy of a URL and What's in a Name? Trust, as well as a pair on How <FORM> Functions and Transforming XForms.

He has also prepared a companion paper tying most of these themes together, Message-Oriented Middleware and the Software Engineer.

New! 4K Associates has released a review copy of its full 35-page analysis of WAP as compared to existing Internet standards for wireless handheld devices.

Event Notification

4K Associates Adam Rifkin and Rohit Khare presented The Evolution of Internet-Scale Event Notification Systems: Past, Present, Future at WISEN'98 on July 13, 1998. A followup Internet-Draft proposed Scenarios for an Internet-Scale Event Notification Service.


4K Associate Tim Byars made the case for Streaming Media on the Web at the Digital Video Expo on October 19, 1999.


4K Associate Rohit Khare co-authored a proposal for Upgrading to TLS Within HTTP/1.1, which is slated to be approved as an IETF Proposed Standard soon.

4K Associates Khare & Rifkin co-authored a survey paper on Weaving a Web of Trust, which appeared in issue 7 of the World Wide Web Journal from O'Reilly.


4K Associate Jim Whitehead has presented widely on the topic of WebDAV, the Distributed Authoring and Versioning extensions to HTTP. His tutorial slides on WebDAV and the Writeable Web and ECSCW'98 paper with Yaron Goland on DAV: A remote collaborative authoring protocol on the Web are available now.

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