RE: Winblows

Joe Barrera (
Sat, 29 Mar 1997 20:06:43 -0800

I don't know whether you object to NT because it's Microsoft or because
it's not Unix. If the reason is the latter, you might check out I've heard good things about
them. Their stuff is a native NT subsystem, like the Microsoft-provided
Posix subsystem (but much, much better).

> good luck rohit. just think, NT 5.0 might be decent since it is
> hitting that magical microsoft third release plateau. microsoft _is_
> promising to solve all of the world's distributed computing problems.
> we're just not getting _anything_ done today and it _is_ the
> renaissance of DC, didn't you hear?

What's wrong with NT 4.0, or, why does it not qualify as "decent"?

BTW I'd count NT 4.0 as the magical third release, after NT 3.1 and NT
3.51. (Yeah, there was 3.5 but it doesn't count.)

- Joe

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