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From: Zhang, Yangkun (Yangkun.Zhang@FMR.COM)
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 08:31:25 PDT

Oh please... the whining parents are doing so only because it is now
possible for their kids to stay behind in a grade until they can prove
they're ready to move up. I simply do not understand what is wrong with
testing. (Apropos, I think these anti-test "activists" in MA are a bunch of
freaks.) Please name a single industrialized nation that does NOT have some
type of testing? The Texas style testing is quite similar to the type of
testing I've experienced in China.

As for your claim that Bush's claims are bogus--do back it up with numbers,
otherwise, you're just full of hot air.

Not that I care either way--I think the government has no business trying to
"educate" kids in the first place.

Yangkun Zhang
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because i'm not talking about vouchers, but about the state test bush substituted for the nat'l one texas students couldn't pass. parents in texas are complaining about how much teaching time is devoted to getting kids to pass a once-yearly test rather than actually teaching them. this fact has been well-publicized for months, and, if you notice, you don't recently hear

anything from bush except his 4th-grade-aftro-american-readers brag. before

the "facts" (re his much touted success in texas with rising test scores) were scrutinized, bush bragged long and hard about the huge leaps in education in texas. turns out the leaps were not improvement inspired.

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