Re: Debate whoppers

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Date: Thu Oct 05 2000 - 05:23:51 PDT

So, I guess, since the info came from a source with a bias toward
conservatism, those quotes/lies must all be incorrect? Since they weren't
reported in the "Paper of record (unless we don't agree with the politics
of the record)" whose actual slogan in this election should be "All the
news that fits(our dogma), we print", better known as Pravda East, they
must be Bush propaganda.

If you can't debate the fact, impugn the messenger.

              From: Lorin Rivers <>
                     10/04/00 11:23 PM
              Subject: Re: Debate whoppers

At 3:38 PM -0400 10/4/00, wrote:

You can count on the National Review for an unbiased opinion.

Just like Pravda...


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