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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 12:03:05 PDT

On Tue, 3 Oct 2000, Dave Long wrote:

--]> Privacy freaks...freaked. Hackers..hacked..Lawyers...lawyered.
--]I wonder how much Kenyon & Kenyon bills per nastygram sent? With
--]the cheesy form-letter nature of their correspondence, I think
--]someone should set up a site where one can enter one's name (via
--]barcode scan?) and get an auto-generated cease'n'desist PNG.
--]Disintermediate the lawyers!

Cant be too hard for them... here is the mirror list DB site (add your own
site or grab the xml of it:))

If you want to set up your own mirror Ive packed up most of the best stuff
and pages all ready to be dropped in and listed.

I guese youcan call teh lawyers , their numbers are all over th gifs and
pngs of the CandDs.

Some one is thinking ahead on this. Dig this.,1284,39139,00.html

(of course wired was one of the compnays that bundled tha hw/sw with its
mag, so softballvilles is all over this piece)

"Hackers like Wilkinson have suggested using the CueCat as a shopping
wand: Every time you run out of milk or peanut butter, swipe the carton
and a replacement will be ordered automatically at an online retailer like or Webvan. Wilkinson said he has approached retailers with
the idea and is awaiting their responses. The Uscan project, which
Wilkinson heads up, has already made it possible to scan a book and
automatically shop for the best price among 40 online booksellers.
The CueCat could also be used to catalog books, CDs and movies, Wilkinson
said, or for taking a quick inventory of your personal possessions. You
could set up a personal lending library, too. Swipe a CD or a movie before
it leaves the house and you will always remember who borrowed what. "

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