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From: Dave Long (
Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 11:28:41 PDT

> Privacy freaks...freaked. Hackers..hacked..Lawyers...lawyered.

I wonder how much Kenyon & Kenyon bills per nastygram sent? With
the cheesy form-letter nature of their correspondence, I think
someone should set up a site where one can enter one's name (via
barcode scan?) and get an auto-generated cease'n'desist PNG.
Disintermediate the lawyers!

(how can one license a freebie? where's the consideration?)

> That company is a dead company. By far the largest challenge facing
> businesses in the next decades is adapting to the ever increasing rate of
> change. Decision-making has to be decentralized, and autonomy has to be
> pushed out to the edges, in order to cope with it. This is why corporations
> "ossify" as they get larger.

When was adapting to increasing change not the largest challenge
facing businesses in future decades? Corporations ossify as they
get larger because they face a different risk/return curve. The
large corporation is sitting on a 3 of a kind, while the startup
is trying to draw to an inside straight (or, when capital flows
freely, is trying to fill a three card flush), and so rationally
they will choose different strategies.


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