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From: Peter A. Peterson II (
Date: Fri Sep 29 2000 - 08:58:30 PDT

Quoting Tom Whore:
> 3)Real Doll -- Lets face it folks, this will be a logical use for
> meatclones. Porn and games yady ya ya. Side industrys in diaper/catheter
> devices and easy clean up items. If you really want to go down this path
> think of things like...programable response tweekeing...input/Pain Levels
> that can respond to your stimuli in various ways "I want her to scream
> when I whip her, scream reall loud like..yea"/"moaning, make her moan.yes
> i know she doesnt feel anything but i want her to moan"

Yeah, and to do this we'll have to put a little more brain in, and as
long as we're using a slippery slope, next time we'll need to add a
little more brain, and next thing you know, they're human, but they
were test tube grown and therefore expendable. They can fight our
wars, and move our toxic waste, and be our surgeons, and our
telephone sanitizers, and keep my desk clean, and do all the things
that I don't have the will or self-discipline to do myself, and while
they're all doing that, I will live off the fat of the land, watch tv,
and have a lot of sex with my human friends all day long.

Personally, I think fusion is a much more pleasant utopia catalyst
than cloning.


      "She's laughin in her sleeve, boys;
   I can feel it in my bones."  -- Tom Waits

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