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Date: Fri Sep 29 2000 - 06:46:00 PDT

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> Sent: Friday, September 29, 2000 2:24 PM
> BTW I'm trying to get as many URLs for other, similar, dead-simple-markup
> formats, (a) to give credit and (b) to nick ideas ;) I've got setext
> (which got me started on the idea), WikiFormat, and a few others. If
> there's others I've missed, mail 'em on. StructuredText I hadn't heard
> of, for one -- I'll be looking hard at that.
please post your URLs - descriptions would be nice but i'm not being pushy

> PS do a lot of people use "-" as bullets for lists? I wasn't aware of
> that (ie. it didn't fit my particular ASCII-list habits)
- absolutely
- definitely
- all the time

alongside a few others:
o a nice base when you want to use "-"
   - for multi-level indents cos the "o" has more umph
   - you can use "=" or "+" at the outer level
o but "+" i tend to juxtapost with "-" when showing plus and minus issues as
   pros and cons of beer:
   + tastes good
   + makes you feel good
   + does you good
    - has unwanted side effects
    - isn't a mobile resource (nowknow that would be impressive - sort that
and i'll wheel you round chinatown ok)

o sorry my example content doesn't really demonstrate this, excuses:
   - am a lazy git
   - i just got back from the pub heavy with beer and tai curry
   - the sun just hit my screen so i'm typing blind


ps anyone want to pay me to do some due dilligence work? beer and curry
isn't free ;-)

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