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From: Justin Mason (
Date: Fri Sep 29 2000 - 06:23:39 PDT

> I've been kicking around a perverted little idea of writing an Xalan
> extension which takes a text node marked up in one of the alternative markup
> languages such as setext, bare bones markup language, and Clay Basket and
> munges it into a well-formed XHTML fragment.

Funnily enough, I've been kicking around similar stuff for a while, and
recently decided to get it into shape as part of WebMake [1], my toy
static-XHTML-file-generating, smart-about-dependencies, baby-CMS project.

EtText [2] is the format in question, and there's perl modules included to
transform EtText -> html and back again.


I'd love it if anyone thinking of that kind of stuff could take a look and
see if this fits.

BTW I'm trying to get as many URLs for other, similar, dead-simple-markup
formats, (a) to give credit and (b) to nick ideas ;) I've got setext
(which got me started on the idea), WikiFormat, and a few others. If
there's others I've missed, mail 'em on. StructuredText I hadn't heard
of, for one -- I'll be looking hard at that.

PS do a lot of people use "-" as bullets for lists? I wasn't aware of
that (ie. it didn't fit my particular ASCII-list habits)


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