Re: Being a crippled clone sucks

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From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Fri Sep 29 2000 - 03:31:46 PDT

Wayne E Baisley writes:

> Meat is not meaning. Organs are not fulfilment. God-sized holes in the
> heart don't get fixed with biology. Even anesthesia gets old after a
> while.
Gee, Wayne, you usually do better off-pulpit.

Meat is Evolution Inc.'s meaning. About as much as there is. People
usually tend fabricate their own, for worse or better. Organs are no
fulfilment (a nice haggis is sure filling, however), but lack of
organs prevents you very effectively from finding any fulfilment. At
least in this life it does.

Thank you for concern, my (so far whole) heart does rather nicely
without any foreign objects embedded in it. And, yes, indeed, biology
is certainly not the answer (whatever the question), so we have to
invent something more suitable. Opium for the people is sure stale,
but getting that (attack) monkey off our back seems to be
hard. Anesthesia only gets old as long as you don't try without (it
*hurts* like the dickens).

> His mother had told him a trip was a fall.
> And don't mention babies at all.
> Buffalo Springfield, aka BS

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