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Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 06:05:31 PDT

not sure this is any different from

baby on the way
don't want kids yet
abort the foetus

which i definitely agree with in preference to adoption or resentment,
albeit with a sideways look disapproving the original mistake

i'm not saying i approve of storing the dna, but it seems to be the abortion
that you are saying is wrong here, or the perception that it is the ability
to clone that leads to the abortion, which seems unlikely to me

mark h

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> -----Original Message----- > From: [] > Sent: Thursday, September 28, 2000 1:52 PM > To: Eugene Leitl > Cc: > Subject: Re: human cloning > > > >>>>> On Thu, 28 Sep 2000, "Eugene" == Eugene Leitl wrote: > > Eugene> Could you tell me, where exactly this stuff is headed? > > Here's a scenario. > > You're a couple with a baby on the way. You decide you don't want kids > right now, for whatever reason, so you abort the fetus. Before you do, > you store some DNA away. A few years later, you "recreate" him/her when > it's convenient for you. > > Maybe it's just that out-dated, narrow-minded, judgmental Christian > mindset of mine showing through, but this doesn't seem right to me. > That it may to a significant number of others concerns me. >

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