RE: Introduction of the Music Owners Listening Rights Act of 2000

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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 12:04:12 PDT

On Wed, 27 Sep 2000, Damien Morton wrote:

--]So now me and my freinds pool together our rights into a cooperative scheme
--]in which these rights tokens are shared amongst us on an as-needed basis.

This was done, very very liberaly, on the BEAMit system. There was
a shared collection of a few thousand cds up there with many users
accesing it.

--]Performing arts are now a service, and no longer a property.
--]Its a harsh harsh world when you loose your royalties and start gettng paid
--]by the hour again. Tough.

Street Performer Protocol[1] and something akin to what SKing [2] is

Its not about "what can be done" its now about "what is being done"



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