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From: Adam C. Engst (
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 12:18:56 PDT

At 10:51 AM -0700 9/26/00, Tom Whore wrote:
>--]My two cents: I know Adam for many years, and trust him. Dave
>Trust in a person is a great thing. It is valued.
>But trust in a person does very little in the workings of a system. You
>may trust Adam, but if Adam is the trust in the system and he leaves, is
>replaced/removed, etc etc then the trust is gone and the system
>flawed...but now it has MY information.

Yes! Precisely. That's why we want everyone to help us build a system
that is trusted. We've done the first pass, but I can assure you that
I don't want to be the sole trust figure in XNS. :-)

>Trust in a person is a good make the system work I want to Trust
>the system, to have it validated by thousands of others who have differnt
>"personal views" than I but who test the system for the systems
>faults/trusts. Me, I would be hard pressed to make a good assesment of the
>system from a code point of view. the beuaty of the net is there are
>thousands who have that skill and who are more than happy to test out new
>systems like XNS.
>Adam and his works look like a great start. From the last post I can see a
>genuine desire to make this work as a system. From your post Dave I
>take it he has convinced more than a view folks. Heck, if it werent for
>Keiths TB article I would never have tried it:)-

You see, we're trying for viral trust here. :-) Seriously, there's a
LOT to XNS, and it's hard to explain because it's so big and so full
of future promises. That was the goal in trying to explain it to
big-picture people like Keith, who could then explain it to other
folks. I need to read Keith's article still, but I'd recommend my
article in TidBITS this week for a solid overview from an insider's


>I hope that the system itself gets the testing and modification needed to
>make it work like the goal is set out. I got my account, ill do what I

I just got off the phone with OneName's CTO, and they're seeing
things calm down a bit as the incredible rush of the first day has
passed and their modifications have taken effect.

cheers... -Adam

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