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From: Lisa Dusseault (
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 11:41:00 PDT

Things seem pretty good to me: my little company is hiring, we have offers
of funding, we are releasing v. 2.0 any day now, and we have a bunch of
paying customers already.

In fact, the problem from our end is getting qualified people, so...

Xythos is a small company in the Bay area, and we've developed a WebDAV
platform/server. Actually, it's an Internet-based document authoring
system, with support for permissions, properties, basic versioning, access
logging, locking, bandwidth controls, quota controls, and much more. Our
customers are using it for a variety of purposes: in-house document
management, internet document storage, (a la, our demo
site), to base their own product on, and to run specialized services for
their customers.

So, forksters and friends: we're looking for full-time local Java
developers in particular (C/C++ experience fine too), although we have
openings for a bunch of other positions. Check out or ask me
for more information.


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A year or two back I was down in the Valley visting freinds. The stench
was foul with dot this and do that and do dot dot up my ass com. Every
fiber in my body said the fall would be as glorious as the galm of its


"More dot-com troubles: real estate and pink slips Posted 09/26/2000
-1:32am EDT

It looks like things have gotten so bad over in Silicon Valley...

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