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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 11:16:12 PDT

A year or two back I was down in the Valley visting freinds. The stench
was foul with dot this and do that and do dot dot up my ass com. Every
fiber in my body said the fall would be as glorious as the galm of its

I heard this same story on NPR this weekend, but Ars-Technica reporting it
makes it true:)-

"SCream for me (insert town where im playing drunk again" Ozzy O

"More dot-com troubles: real estate and pink slips Posted 09/26/2000
-1:32am EDT

It looks like things have gotten so bad over in Silicon Valley,
what with the dot-commers moving in and driving up the cost of living and
real estate, that some Silicon Valley towns have imposed moratoriums on
the construction of new office space:

"The buildings have just gotten so big, so massive, that we decided we
need more control," said the city's chief planner, Tom Passanisi. After
approving some 3 million square feet of new commercial property in the
past three years, the city needs to consider better zoning controls, he
said. Most other cities between San Francisco and San Jose face a similar
quandary. The San Jose Mercury News reported Monday that the city of Palo
Alto is reviewing all its zoning laws while neighboring Menlo Park is
considering an outright moratorium on new office development in some

(My personal theory about Boston real estate is that if we shut down all
the real estate offices and converted them into homes, we'd actually have
enough room to house people.) Anyway, in San Francisco, the dot-commers
are even running the musicians out of town.
 My favorite quote from the Salon article I just linked up is this
assessment of the situation, offered by an angry guitarist: "It is a
dot-com squeeze-out, man."

Moratoriums aren't the only bad news for dot-commers. It looks like the
free money party is just about officially over:

" Dot-com companies handed out more pink slips during the
past four weeks than in any previous month since December, according to a
report being released today by outplacement firm Challenger, Gray &
Christmas. Challenger reports that Net firms cut more than 4,800 jobs in
the past month. That was up from nearly 4,200 in the preceding four weeks,
nearly 2,200 in the four weeks before that, and almost 5,400 between
December and the end of June. The total tally is nearly 16,600 since
December, when Challenger began tracking dot-com layoffs. ``The dot-com
crisis is getting worse,'' said John Challenger, chief executive of
Challenger Gray & Christmas. ``Dot-com is becoming a dirty word.''

I'm sorry, did I miss something? I though that "dot-com" has been a dirty
word for like the last six months. And finally, one of my favorite bits of
commentary on the dot-com bust is Salon's clever and bitingly sarcastic
Dottie Downturn advice column.

 If you get a chance, go back and read the archives--especially the first
two issues. -Hannibal"

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