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From: Tom Whore (tomwhore@inetarena.com)
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 06:25:46 PDT

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Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 22:58:49 -0700
Subject: QNX Realtime Platform Now Available

Dear QNX Registrant,

The QNX realtime platform is now available for download!
Before we launch it to the world on Tuesday, we're giving
our pre-registrants first access to the FREE download -
available now at http://get.qnx.com.

With the platform, you'll get the QNX Neutrino microkernel
RTOS, Photon microGUI windowing system, OS modules
and utilities, Voyager web browser, multimedia support for
MP3, RealAudio/Video, Flash, MPEG, CD Audio, a
Quake III demo that lets you play the commercial version if
you have it installed, lots of public domain ports, and much

Because of the wide diversity of hardware configurations,
it's possible that the platform may not detect your
hardware correctly. For help with these issues or other
technical questions, visit the QNX Developers Network at
http://qdn.qnx.com. You'll find the latest news and
updates, an easy-to-use knowledge base, programming
tips, online documentation, hardware support,
newsgroups, bug report forms, and so on.

Thanks for trying QNX!

QNX Software Systems Limited

P.S. We can also send you the non-commercial CD for
just $29.95 (USD). Order online at http://get.qnx.com.

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