OneName (seems like DigitalMe all over again)

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From: John Roberts (
Date: Mon Sep 25 2000 - 22:25:18 PDT

Haven't we been down this road already? As others have said... yes.

Seems like it was only months ago (it was October 5, 1999, according
to the press release) that Novell (remember them?) introduced

This panacea was going to be (is?) most everything OneName is
promising. There are a few differences, but we all want to be the
ones handing out passports to our pretend nations. I want to be
Minister of Silly Walks!

You compare the features:

* A lifetime universal Internet address
* Self-updating electronic business cards
* An intelligent digital wallet
* Automatic recorded privacy contract with every transaction

Stay in touch with the ultimate address book
        Always current. Accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Save time with one-click universal updating
        Type it once, everybody gets it, and you never miss a beat.

Take advantage of single-click sign-on
        Jump right on to your password-protected sites with a single click.

Make online life a snap with automatic form-fill
        "Time is money," so this feature is worth its weight in gold.


As this is my first post to FoRK, after several weeks of lurking, I
should probably
admit the following, hoping to catch up in one flurry of "confessions":
- I'm happily married.
- First child on the way.
- I'm an omnivore.
- I've only had an email address since 1993, and my first one was an
AOL address. (gasp... ;-p)
- My resume notes that I enjoy reading e-mail lists.
        (Good thing I enjoy *reading* -- this is a prolix bunch.)


John Roberts

ps - Despite my skepticism, I grabbed "John Roberts" at OneName all
the same. When you've got a common name (in the USA, anyway), you
need to stake your claim early. Not sure Mr. Whore has the same exact

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