Re: er, um, congrats ;-)

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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 19:16:39 PDT

> bitter much? :)

Actually, no. As mentioned in an earlier rant, my divorce was the best
thing that ever happened to me, and the best thing that happened to my
relationship with my ex. And it enabled the wonderful LT relationship
I've been in now for 5 years. It prevented total death of feeling on my
part, and allowed me to reclaim my "soul" (if that makes any sense, but I
don't want to argue it.) I'm actually the most peppy, airheaded,
nonangry person you ever met, really. :-) I just like to point out
absurdities. Marriage is one of those, any way you slice it. Most of
our grand social institutions are, in fact. It all adds up to massive
opps for humor, which after all is just the blunt assertion of obvious



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