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From: Karee Swift (
Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 18:49:48 PDT

bitter much? :)

--- In, Jeff Bone <jbone@j...> wrote:
> Just remember: it's not too late until you actually say "I do."
Leaving at
> the altar is usually a chick schtick, but don't be proud; men can
play that
> card too. In fact, even after "I do," it's still not too late.
It's never
> too late to say "no, I am *not* going to go against my genetic
> towards relationships with females and commit my life, my fate, my
> happiness, my free time, and all my worldly possessions to someone
who will
> smother me, attempt to control me, nitpick me to death, bore me
with endless
> details about her angst over buying *that* pair of Manolo Blanik
shoes she's
> had her eyes on, drive away all my friends, attempt to change me in
ways I
> don't need or want to be changed and who, furthermore, is more
likely to
> murder me than anyone else, or, best outcome, eventually
financially and
> emotionally rape me and leave me roadside to die in midlife." On
the other
> hand, all great divorces have to begin in marriage, one should be
> You might as well just drop by the doctor's office on the way to
the chapel
> and (a) get yourself neutered, and (b) get a lifetime prescription
> Prozac. You're gonna need it. LOTS of it. Don't forget to say
goodbye to
> all your single buddies who come to the wedding, because you are
> going to see them again.
> If you change your mind, drop me a line --- we can go hit a "Seduce
> Destroy" seminar together or something. I hear they book them so
that they
> run concurrently with flight attendant and lingerie model
> ;-)
> Seriously, though, congratulations! (That's actually sincere.)
> :-)
> jb
> Tony Berkman wrote:
> > For anyone on this list who might be wondering, and after
> > thought due to the many poignant and disparate posts on the
> > thread, I decided to ask Cindy to marry me. She said yes. The
dog seems
> > cool with the whole thing - my grandmother even cooler....
> >
> > Tony

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