Do You Still Need a Library Card?

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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 16:24:29 PDT

Speaking of Etext ebooks paying artists and bookwarez...,1284,38671,00.html

Wireds got an interesting piece on how the Web as library is being built
and used. Amongst the places mentioned

Ebooks sites-

Commercial library sites-

"Welcome to the next advancement for civilization. In the 15th century,
Gutenberg changed the world with his printing press. In the 20th century,
the world changed with the introduction of the word processor. In the 21st
century, Questia plans to change the world again."

yea, thanks questia. Try to stay off the lists for a
while and then lets talk:)-

Now as netable as I am I love the Library systems here in america. I have
been fortunate enough to live in two citys with some of the most amazing
librarys> I grew up with a NYC public library card in my hands. In
Portland things are as good if not better.

The things you can check out of the library system, mags
comcics cds software..oh yea and net access for the masses.

So while the packets abound with books unbound the bindings that tie
acorss the ages are still holding paper.

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