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From: Karee Swift (
Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 16:11:20 PDT

As a note -- Not only did verizon buy the address,
but they also spent time, energy and money and bought every other
domain name that was remotely defamatory to their corporation.. I
think 2600 listed ilke at least 500 in their Summer 2000 magazine,
and it was really funny, some of the names were incredibly creative.

I have to admit, I still think this is better than companies being
able to sue their way out of a domain name. Especially if its
defamatory to the company. IF they don't want bad words spoken ( try
not putting out shitty products/services (heh)), they should at least
spend the money where it counts. BUy up all the names and make the
haters think a little harder;) Eg. 2600's

hee hee. I still think thats the best. ;)

--- In, Dan Kohn <dan@d...> wrote:
> SLATE NEWS: Fri., Sept. 8, 2000
> [..]
> A front-page WP story discusses the latest efforts by
> to thwart e-criticism: the companies scoop up crude and disparaging
> domain names (e.g. to keep them out of
> the hands of would-be internet defamers. Yet, as one source
> informed the WP, their goal is ludicrous given the inordinate
> number of possible slurs. The hacker magazine 2600 attempted to
> purchase only to find the name already
> reserved by the telecom giant itself. No bother. They simply
> snatched up instead. When Verizon filed suit
> against them, citing an extension of the cyber-squatting laws, the
> magazine responded by registering the following domain name:
> - dan
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