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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 08:53:57 PDT

The problem with this is that most telemarketers have
equipment that generalizes their calling numbers. These
numbers show up on current caller ID stuff as Unkown Name,
or sometimes Incomplete Data which sometimes happens
with real people or people who block their ID.

Recorded spam calls are illegal in CA. Most spammers
get away with this buy littering their recording with
"Please press 1 now....<tone>.....Thank you for electing
to continue...." This allows the phone spammer to
say that the user asked for it.

You solution has one problem, never reply directly to the


> Somebody should produce a little box that plugs into your phone line.
> The box would have caller ID circuitry in it... Each incoming phone
> call would have its number checked against an internal database of known
> telemarketers. If the call is from such a source, it's blocked -- your
> phone doesn't even ring (or, better yet, it answers the phone and says
> "hello" a couple of times to get their auto-dialer to hand off to a
> real person, and then plays a recording of your choice that tells the
> telemarketer to go away, leave you alone and never call back).

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