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From: Tony Finch (
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 22:56:36 PDT wrote:
>I'm with you, Jeff. I'll try anything.

I went on holiday with my family in Sydney recently (before the
Olympics). I had some fun freaking out my sisters with the things I
chose to eat. One day we went to the Sydney Aquarium in the morning,
then for lunch we went to a nearby place in chinatown where the fish
was kept live in tanks in the restaurant. Isobel refused to eat the
Barramundi because 15 minutes before it was served it was held up next
to her flapping around in a plastic bag :-) Then a few days later
shortly after we had visited a petting zoo (with 'roos and crocs etc)
I ordered a dish containing kangaroo and crocodile meat. The girls did
try a bite each but they put on these horrific faces when tasting the
'roo owing to fluffy bunny syndrome.


en oeccget g mtcaa    f.a.n.finch
v spdlkishrhtewe y
eatp o v eiti i d.

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