Re: Baby-making

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From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 12:29:42 PDT

This was also my knee-jerk theory when I've heard that
bit'o'news. Notice that the slight surplus of boys usually quickly
vanishes downstream the population histogram due to their higher
mortality (except in extremely female-friendly places such as China,
of course).

Kragen Sitaker writes:
> Here's another. Girls are tougher than boys, at least after they're
> born. If some fraction of vegetarians, say 30%, have some undiagnosed
> nutritional deficit --- one unknown among UK meat-eaters --- that

Notice that many vegans raise dumb kids due to deficits in some
essentials (Lamarck's revenge on Darwin).

> deficit might cause miscarriages or make it harder for sperm to
> survive. It doesn't seem improbable that such a situation would kill
> female fetuses and sperm less than males.

In fact it looks highly probable. Also notice that a lot of raw plants
contain biological warfare agents, having evolved them to deter
herbivores. Primates being no ruminants, and female fetuses being more

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