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Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 08:58:47 PDT

> From: Tom Whore
> Quickly get him hooked on Mandrake:)-

It occurs to me to FoRK a second recommendation for Mandrake.
It's a great product that deserves press outside the Linux world.
I'm sure everyone hears the word Linux too much these days, but if
you are thinking about playing with it, Mandrake is quite nice.

I've run most of the major distros (save Debian) and Mandrake
does the best job for the desktop. They are more current and
far more complete in KDE and GNOME than Red Hat, for example.
I also find that I don't have to install basic utilities like Bzip2,
because Mandrake includes them. Mandrake is compiled with Pentium optimizations in their x86 distro, as opposed to the 386 code in most.

The only downside that I know of is that their installation
process is less robust than Red Hat. If you have strange
hardware, my experience is that Red Hat wins, but for ordinary PCs,
Mandrake installs with ease. It's nicer than Red Hat's install, it just
doesn't expect weirdness like installing from a CD-burner as the CDROM drive.

Even on Mandrake, I install Helix GNOME, because GNOME is moving pretty
fast and the Helix updater takes care of that for me nicely. I'm looking
forward to the extension of the Updater to handle updates to your Linux distribution as well, though Mandrake Update is quite nice, itself.


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