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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 08:38:58 PDT

Apple Licenses 1-Click Patent and Trademark
New Apple Online Store with 1-Click Shopping Premieres Today

CUPERTINO, CaliforniaSeptember 18, 2000Apple today announced it has
licensed Amazon.coms 1-Click patent and trademark for use on its Apple
Online Store (, as part of an e-commerce patent
cross-licensing agreement. A new version of Apples Online Store featuring
1-Click shopping went live today, and all products sold on The Apple Store
can now be purchased with the 1-Click feature.

Apple also announced that its much anticipated iMovie 2 video editing
software is immediately available from the Apple Online Store for $49 via
1-Click downloading an industry first which combines 1-Click shopping with
the downloading of software over the Internet

The Apple Store has been incredibly successful and now were taking it to
the next level, said Steve Jobs, Apples CEO. Licensing Amazon.coms 1-Click
patent and trademark will allow us to offer our customers an even easier
and faster online buying experience.


Next up Jobs will license the One Shot Hole In Head(tm) patent from The
Estate Of Adold Hitler (hi godwin)

"We feel its time for Apple to make blowing our brains out easier and
faster. Now we just need to license some brains"

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