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From: Dave Winer (
Date: Sun Sep 17 2000 - 10:05:44 PDT

Yes, there is a compatibility box. It runs pre-Mac OS X apps.

Lack of native development tools doesn't seem to be a problem.

And the user-oriented stuff is coming online pretty quickly.

Looks like it "sticks".


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> The only land mine right now is political. Does Mac OSX ship
> with the OS9 compatibility stuff or not? In true Jobsian form
> "It's not my mistake, it was done before I got here.". My feeling?
> It's an awesome platform and I don't need the backwards compatability,
> but the scarcity of native OSX tools and apps will be highly
> visible for a while.
> Oh yeah, and that rumor about MS Office 2001 running on Linux?
> That came out of the minor tweaks it would take to port the
> MS 2001 MacOS X stuff from BSD to Linux.
> Imagine, MacOSX&GUI with the full 2001 Office suite, running
> on the chip of choice. I'd be willing to pay retail for that.
> My biggest complaint of MacOS all these years is that the
> GUI forces the user to be single task focused. With the
> BSD terminals, there's now a way around that.
> Congratulations to Apple.
> Greg
> Jeff Bone wrote:
> > But, they won't do it. They'll find someway to screw things up, like
> > shipping devtools, or finding a way to hide the shell, or ignoring the
> > people they should be co-opting with this whole open source effort, or
> > up the FS organization so bad it's unrecognizable. All in the name of
> > it "better."
> >
> > That's what they always do --- always. Take a great idea and "love it
> > death."
> >
> > jb
> >
> > PS - BTW, double ditto AMEN on the IDE comment.

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