Re: Congrats! OS/X in NYTimes

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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Sun Sep 17 2000 - 00:07:51 PDT

> Personally, I'm growing weary of Unix window managers, and of things
> almost working (but not quite) with linux... I'd like to use a machine
> with a beautiful UI, and with audio and video nicely integrated into
> every nook and cranny (without the need to futz with drivers and kernel
> rebuilds and what have you). And, I'd like a machine that's easy to
> program, and which has access to command-line tools (I hate IDE's) and
> the usual sorts of things you get when you run a Unix-like box.

Having previously defended the Linux camp, let me at least say --- AMEN! Apple
had / has a fantastic chance to "wrap up" an *ix in a manner that everybody can
use. They can release the whole thing open source, really try to work with the
open source crowd moving forward, and then just make money selling kick-ass
hardware with all this stuff in it.

But, they won't do it. They'll find someway to screw things up, like not
shipping devtools, or finding a way to hide the shell, or ignoring the very
people they should be co-opting with this whole open source effort, or screwing
up the FS organization so bad it's unrecognizable. All in the name of making
it "better."

That's what they always do --- always. Take a great idea and "love it to


PS - BTW, double ditto AMEN on the IDE comment.

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